Upcoming Exhibits

Right Here

June 01, 2018 through June 17, 2018

A follow-on exhibition to "Over Here: Americans at Home in World War I" with local artifacts and stories that focus on the growing Los Altos community in the context of a wartime Peninsula. Featuring personal letters, original newspaper stories, information on Camp Fremont, and graphic posters promoting patriotic messages. Read More »

Paint the Town

June 21, 2018 through October 07, 2018

The Museum will display never-before-shown works of art by local artists that showcase "echoes of the past" by representing historical buildings and sites that are still present in our landscape and capture our connection to the past. Read More »

Inspired by Juana

October 18, 2018 through April 20, 2019

The story of Juana Briones is a tale of resilience, ingenuity and business savvy – the hallmarks of Silicon Valley. Juana Briones was an early entrepreneur who owned several businesses, many parcels of land, was a talented midwife and traditional healer in what is now Los Altos, Los Altos Hills,... Read More »