April 29, 2017 through October 01, 2017

Main Gallery

This exhibit will honor Eichler Homes, which thrived locally from 1949-1966, and Joseph Eichler’s dream of affordable contemporary homes, Curated by his grandson Steven Eichler, the exhibition displays photos, mid-modern furniture, stories, and will include a series of programs highlighting why these homes remain unique, desirable and celebrated 65 years later.

Exhibit Description

The first Eichler tract was built in Sunnyvale. Nearby tracts are in Los Altos, Mountain View, and Palo Alto has several tracts, two of which have been recently placed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Eichler homeowners are not only protective of their neighborhoods, but have a passion for the layout design, mid-century modern style, and the originality that they represent.